October 19, 2018

Learning how to do relationships is a normal part of teen life, but unfortunately dating violence is way too common. One in 10 high school students have been physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend, and 1 in 3 teens have been abused physically, sexually, or emotionally by their partner. (Loveisrespect)

It's important to recognize characteristics of abusive relationships to keep yourself (or someone you know) safe. Here are some behaviors to look out for:

Name calling. Does your partner say ugly things about you and mask it as a joke or tell you they didn't mean it? Calling you a hoe is not respectful; it doesn't matter how commonly the term is used.

Criticizing. Does your partner make you feel insecure b...

October 13, 2018

Stress.  It's one of the primary concerns clients present with in my counseling practice. We live in a fast-paced, busy world, and stress is all around us. A little bit of stress can be helpful - if you are worried about your grade in history class, it might motivate you to study. If you worry about getting charged a late fee, it might motivate you to pay your bills on time. But sometimes, the amount of stress we face is enough to overwhelm our usual ability to cope. Distraction (or avoidance) can help reduce stress in the moment, but it doesn't relieve the source of stress, and can contribute to a build up of more intense stress later on. Here are some long-term stress management techniques you can do to help decrease feelings...

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