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Premarital Counseling

We offer premarital counseling using the PREPARE/ENRICH program, which helps us tailor the sessions to focus on what would be most beneficial to you as a couple. PREPARE/ENRICH is an assessment tool used to identify your strengths as a couple and any areas that could use more discussion to better prepare your relationship for success. Each partner will complete the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment separately online after the initial counseling session, and the results will be reviewed during the second session. This will allow the therapist facilitator and the couple to map out goals for future sessions. Premarital counseling typically takes about 10 sessions to complete.

Premarital counseling is generally not covered by health insurance due to a lack of medical necessity. There are exceptions to this based on specific insurance benefit plans and the clients' specific situation. If you have questions about this, please contact our office.

More information about PREPARE/ENRICH can be found here.

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