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When to Seek Counseling

It's normal to have occasional stress and sadness, but when these feelings are more intense or frequent they make it difficult to function at work, in school, and at home. If you or your teen is showing some of the signs listed below, it is important to seek help.

Signs of Anxiety

Excessive worry that something bad will happen

Inability to stop worrying about different things

Avoidance of activities that cause stress

Restlessness or feeling on-edge

Frequent headaches or stomach aches

Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)

Difficulty sleeping

Anxiety/Panic attacks

Signs of Depression

Persistent feeling of sadness or emptiness

Decreased energy and motivation

Changes in sleep or appetite

Increased irritability or anger

Decrease in grades and/or school attendance

Decrease in productivity at work; tardiness or absences

Loss of interest in once-pleasurable activities

Destructive or risk-taking behaviors

Difficulty concentrating



Thoughts of suicide or not wanting to be alive


Signs of Trauma-Related Concerns

Sleep disturbances

Intrusive memories or nightmares related to trauma

Avoidance of situations that trigger memories

Feeling numb or detached from others

Easily startled, extra watchful or guarded

Feeling as though the event is happening again

Anger outbursts

Depressive symptoms

Dangerous/risk-taking/thrill seeking behaviors

Exaggerated/intense emotions when faced with reminders of the trauma

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